Field Trip app comes to Glass

Tim Jordan announced this morning on Google Plus that Field Trip app has now become Glassware. The popular discovery app for Android and iOS has now come to your Glass as well. This will allow you to find cool stuff nearby from museums to historical markers to hidden gems while exploring heads up with Glass.

For those not familiar with Field Trip you can subscribe to dozens of feeds. Choose from categories such as “Historic Places and Events,” “Lifestyle,” “Food, Drinks, and Fun,” “Cool and Unique” and more.  Now instead of notifications on your phone, you will get these cards right to Glass to keep you in the moments of discovery while still providing useful information.

No more lugging around guidebooks or tourist maps

I have used the Android version of the app for a while it is great to have information pop up on the phone telling me what is around as I explore an area so taking that same information from the smartphone and putting it at my eye with Glass is great.  Now walking around that wealth of knowledge is my Glass Field of View and no more lugging guidebooks or giant fold-out tourist maps.