Stereo Headphones and New Lenses coming to Glass

We’ve all heard about the new Glass Accessory Store, but what about the future accessories? After I got the chance to order my Glass the other day I noticed the accessories under the page and decided to look through the code. While looking through the code I noticed a couple of un-announced accessories. Please note that these are all based on code and are not official nor are the prices final.

Headphones – The new version of glass is shipping with a mono headphone that “provides high-quality sound for phone and video calls.” But hidden in the code is also the description for a Stereo Headset. “Engineered specifically for Glass, the Stereo Earbuds provide high-quality sound for music, phone, and video calls.” This also tells us that music is coming to glass soon and maybe even video streaming imagine watching your favorite Netflix shows or your IPTV provider for a new and immersive experience. The Stereo Headphones are priced at $100 right now as opposed to the Mono Headphone which is priced at $50.00.

Lenses – Included with every purchase of Glass is the ‘Active Shade’ but if you break that you are out of luck, for now, the Active Shade is not listed but is in the system and priced at $150.00. While the optional Clear Shield is available in the Accessory Store for $75.00.

Something I noticed when going through code was a couple of product numbers, these have no name, no pictures or anything except for the price of $150.00 and description. One of the descriptions is “For a bolder look.” and the other is “For timeless style.” While we have no clue when these will launch it seems as if Glass will be getting its share of Lens accessories in due time.