Want to win a free Omate TrueSmart smart watch? (Of course you do.)

…and judging by their 500% funded Kickstarter project, you’re not alone. The good news is, LivingThruGlass.com and the Omate TrueSmart & Glass community are teaming up to bring you a chance to win your very own TrueSmart smartwatch along with some TrueSmart schwag. TrueSmart and Glass fit together conceptually like Peanut Butter and Jelly, complementing each other’s functionality, and may just be the combo to get people to leave their smartphone at home. Wanna win one? Read on for details…

The #TrueSmartPlusGlass Smart Watch Giveaway

To enter, add a publicly shared comment below (‘Public’ set in the circle’s field, and ‘Also share on Google+’ checked). Include the #TrueSmartPlusGlass hashtag in your comment, and answer the following question:

“What do the TrueSmart and Glass combo have to be able to do for me to leave my smartphone at home?”

You can also post your answer on the TrueSmart & Glass Facebook page.

Then join the TrueSmart & Glass community or like the Facebook page to see the winner announcement. That’s it, you’re done!

The five most popular responses as of midnight EST 09/09/2013  will all receive Omate TrueSmart tees, and the moderators of the TrueSmart & Glass community will pick their favorite to win the TrueSmart, and announce the winners on Google+.

Official Rules:

Eligible entries must:

  • Be publicly viewable and shared to Google+ or posted on the Facebook page
  • Include the #TrueSmartPlusGlass hashtag

Eligible entrants must:

  • Be over 18 years of age

You do NOT have to own Google Glass or be a US resident to participate in this contest. Prizes will be shipped directly from Omate to winners worldwide. You will be contacted in a private message to provide shipping information if selected.

Entry popularity will be determined by highest total number of people who have responded to the entry via comment, plus, or reshare, as shown on the “post activity” view on either Google+ or Facebook.

The contest is sponsored by Omate and administered by the TrueSmart & Glass Community. LivingThruGlass.com has no influence over and accepts no liability for the selection of winners or delivery of prizes.

UPDATE: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our winners!

The Omate TrueSmart Grand Prize will be going to Nick Schiwy! Thanks for participating in this giveaway, Nick!

Here’s the full list of winners:
Nick Schiwy – Grand Prize, Omate TrueSmart + an Omate TrueSmart T-Shirt
Christian Bischoff – Omate TrueSmart T-Shirt
Justin Thomas Sanchez – Omate TrueSmart T-Shirt
Joshua Lutz – Omate TrueSmart T-Shirt
Riley Garrett – Omate TrueSmart T-Shirt

+Omate TrueSmart will reach out to you with a private message in order to get your delivery address. Thanks again to everyone for taking part in this amazing Kickstarter and this fun giveaway!