Ok Glass, submit new Glassware

Today’s post by Tim Jordan moves us one step closer to the rumored Glassware Boutique in XE10 which should be coming at some point this month. Tim announced several new Glassware (SportsYapper, Fancy, Mashable, KitchMe, and Thuuz) have passed through the new development system and should be available in the MyGlass App. These new apps cover a broad range of interests from sports to news to shopping to cooking.

Ok Glass let’s cook

The upside of going through the new submittal process is that by completing the Glassware review process, you will make your Glassware eligible to show on the MyGlass app. You’ll also be eligible to receive quota beyond the testing limit, which for a developer like Thuuz which deals with sports data is probably a welcome relief.

Keep up with all things sports via Thuuz

The developer site is set up to help folks with a Launch Checklist and getting you through the submission process. It covers branding, context, icon requirements, screenshot needs and design concepts including menus, settings, and sharing.

Screenshot requirements for submission

The site also lays out some rules on using personal data, keeping the information up to date, security and privacy regulations. Content policies are also clearly defined, with the usual prohibitions of adult/illegal/gambling content.

What not to do with Glass

With the Boutique rumored to be launching with XE10, one has to wonder how quickly the submission to approval process will take. With an expected early 2014 consumer release, many developers seem to foresee a potential new app store gold rush. If consumers can walk into a robust app market with Glass from day 1 (along with some efficiency and battery life enhancements), their experience will be very different from the initially limited experiences of Glass Explorers and maybe just the market motivator Glass needs to break into the mainstream.