Google Glass will be able to take Photo Sphere Photos APK Teardown reveals

Google Glass will eventually support taking Photo Sphere and panoramic images in the near future. If you recall, Glass is currently running Android 4.0.4. Photosphere support wasn’t introduced to Android until Android 4.2. While browsing the Google Glass /system/app directory, I noticed GlassPhotosphere.apk.  Let’s tear it apart and see what we get.

Remember the Glass Easter Egg that was uncovered this past week? I found where the image was hiding. It was hiding inside GlassPhotosphere.apk. You can see the full resolution image above. You’ll need to view it on Google+ to see the actual Photosphere.

It looks like Glass will take Photosphere in a similar method to how they are taken on Android 4.2. First, you’ll have to calibrate and setup. You’ll also have the option to upload them to Google+ or Picasa in an album named “My panoramo photos”.

Under preferences, you’ll be able to enable something called Real Time Alignment as well as enable Location settings for your Panoramic and Photosphere photos on Glass. There also seems to be an experimental HDR feature as well.

You can tell that taking Panoramic photos and Photosphere images aren’t ready for release yet, but chances are it’s coming down the road. For now, the Tips and Tricks Help file just contains placeholder text as seen below.