Glass: If You Don’t Understand It, Ban It

Despite all the misinformed media coverage and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) surrounding Google Glass I have gone 8 months without a single negative incident… until today. I was asked to leave Grand Coffee on Mission Street in San Francisco. Granted, it is a private establishment and a rather small space, the first thing I asked the manager was:

“Have you ever worn Glass? Do you know what it’s all about?”

Her response was quick “No.” But she went on to say that she doesn’t want customers or employees to feel uncomfortable. I asked if she doesn’t allow cellphones either and she said she asks that people don’t talk on their cell phone while in the store. Talking on your cell phone in a small space and wearing glasses seem like totally different things, right? I was asked to sit outside if I wanted to stay for coffee.

This was a very discouraging event for me because I have been so energetic about evangelizing Google Glass for so long. How is it that with so many thousands of Explorers there is still this huge amount of confusion about the device? And now that I have my Glass integrated with my frames, what am I supposed to do other than leaving the establishment? Since I have a  ridiculously strong prescription, I simply can’t share my Glass as much as I used to… so where is Google?

Back at the beginning of December, ABC News made a huge public display of their misunderstanding of Glass. Reporter George Stephanopolous made a mockery of Glass by fumbling with the device on air. He tried to push the device in front of his eye, when it is supposed to sit above your eye, out of the way. And Google didn’t provide a response. We, Explorers, simply griped about it in our own Community… yet the public saw what they saw. The fear and confusion continue to grow.

I really wish that Google would step up and truly educate the public about Glass. Let’s see television commercials! Google is rich, they know that you can buy safe youtube views here Let’s see a Google representative appear on talk shows and showcase the real way to use Glass! Let’s see Google reach out to local communities and explain that Glass doesn’t cover up your vision and is not a distraction.

It’s been almost a year. The glass is not a new thing anymore. Why is there still this confusion and fear?

I am not recording you.