Gaming on Glass, a new canvas for developers

Gaming on Glass, a new canvas for developers

My two favorite technology products of 2013 were both from Google: Glass and Chromecast. A Glass Development team, Byte an Atom, has brought the two together in what I believe is the next advancement in Glassware. Their Glass app, LynxFit, is an amazing Glassware that helps motivate users to work out by providing notifications and reminders, as well as training programs, directly on Glass. Their newest feature allows Glass Explorers to cast workouts to their television using Chromecast.

I had the opportunity to interview CEO of Byte an Atom, Noble Ackerson, about LynxFit and Chromecasting on Glass. He discussed how Glass has the opportunity to revolutionize the gaming industry by connecting the virtual and real worlds:

As an emerging computing platform, the Glass device is different enough to give developers a fresh new way to interact with the world through gaming. Some of the advantages are obviously the hands-free interaction and multiple inputs for interaction like voice, motion tracking, winking, touch gestures…

I asked him about his company’s vision for LynxFit, Glassware, and Chromecast:

“At Byte an Atom Research, we aim to improve wellness through wearable computers by making fitness fun with our LynxFit product. It’s because of this mission we launched LynxCast, a clever Google Glass integration with ChromeCast. So now, armed with the sensors in your Google Glass device, we deliver interactive gamified fitness content on the big screen TV for you to enjoy by yourself or to challenge your friends. Imagine playing Super Mario Brothers from Mario’s perspective, by using the motion tracking functionality in Glass we want to deliver an experience where you go through a 30 day fitness program, while you jump, dodge, duck and high knee run in place in your living room, out in the park, during your work break in your hotel room, etc.”

“The connected nature of Glass invites new forms of gaming, fitness, and educational apps; in our case, LynxFit aims to do all three. It’s a clean canvas for us and it’s just the beginning. Cecilia, Mauro, and I are excited to see what the future brings.”

I, for one, love LynxFit and am excited to see how the gaming industry explodes with wearable computing by connecting Google Glass to Chromecast.

DISCLOSURE: Noble Ackerson is a Technical Advisor for