First Easter Egg Found in Google Glass – Team Photo

IO2012 Explorer Jay Lee picked up his Glass on Wednesday and was playing around with the unit and stumbled on an Easter Egg.  No, you don’t have to head knod the Konami Code to access the Easter Egg either.

“If you go to Settings -> Device info -> View licenses, wait for the license file to open and then tap the touchpad 9 times (you’ll hear an audible beep increasing in pitch each time), you’ll get a chance to meet the Google Glass team in an awesome panorama shot!”

Jay was able to use the MyGlass App to view the panorama image of the Project Glass team on his phone and screenshot the images.  The panorama appears to be done with Glass in the Google X building and was hidden by Mike LeBeau.

“I found time to sneak this easter egg into our Glass release because I think our team rocks and deserves to be memorialized inside the product. I always put an easter egg into whatever I’m building – but that was fast! I’m shocked that our Explorers found it this quickly! Nice work +Jay Lee.  – Mike LeBeau”

This is not the first team photo Easter Egg in tech though much cooler than the Win 95 team photo because it was taken with Glass. Now, someone with Glass tries the Konami Code, just in case. Maybe verbal or head movements will activate another Easter Egg in Glass.

UPDATE: The full Panoramic photograph has been posted on Google+.