Okay Glass Let’s Operate

Chris Vukin and Team(evermed) are disrupting things in the Operating room by incorporating Google Glass into how doctor’s monitor the patient’s vitals, dictate notes and coordinate care. Team(evermed) has begun performing trail runs using Glass and their suite of Glassware in the OR as well as the general EMR workflow of the hospital staff.

Patient Data fed to Glass to keep the doctor situationally aware

Chris has posted a series of images from actual OR usage over the past few days. These tests included several features; patient data display, picture and video documentation for attachment to the patient’s Electronic Medical Record, and dictation. According to Chris, Vital Signs were manually entered and pushed to Glass via a Mirror based platform, pictures and video were captured and shared, dictation was also captured and shared.

Working in the Cathlab with Glass

This suite of Glassware that Team(evermed) is developing will improve the accuracy and completeness of documentation, provide hands free interaction for documentation, and give the provider the independence and ability to interface with pertinent patient data in real-time without pulling a team member away from their tasks to meet their needs (i.e. pulling vitals, images, notes, answering a page, placing an order, etc). This is an ongoing and expanding project for Team(evermed). These are all longitudinal studies, with deep links to their other developments in the healthcare/wellness space, and Chris hopes that the studies run decades.

These three EMR solutions are aimed at covering 80% of the work providers do in their day to day routine on a computer; Results Review, Orders, Dictation.

The OR trials show off the basis for the team’s first 3 Electronic Medical Record products, a provider Rounding Tool, Admitting Tool and Pharmacy Rounding Tool.

Team(evermed) isn’t focused just on the hospital as they also have a consumer Glassware in work called CPRGlass which will be presented at Stanford Medicine Xlate this month.

The glass isn’t the complete wearable solution from Team(evermed)’s perspective as they are also working to integrate not only Scanadu but other wearables and connected health accessories for automated data collection for analysis and care. They are looking to launch the new smart Electronic Medical Record platform for healthcare consumers and providers, a ubiquitous platform, web based and viewable on any device with a browser.

Scandu Scout, potential partner device for Glass

Today I was at the MEST Conference here in Houston and after hearing all the issues with EMR and seeing folks reaction to Glass, it seems that Team(evermed) is not only on the right track but leading the coming Glass revolution.

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