Introducing GlassFit: A Virtual Personal Coach for Glass

Noble Ackerson loves fitness. A self-described gym rat, his posts through Glass have frequently centered on physical activity and recreational sports. It comes as no surprise to anyone who follows him that his first app would be fitness related. GlassFit aims to be a personal virtual fitness coach, offering robust guidance during personalized workouts and tracking progress, all while remaining both accessible and unobtrusive.

Currently, in a “Minimum Viable Product” stage, the software will prep users with video tutorials customized to their personal workout. Users can select from a wide variety of regimens including Zumba, Yoga, CrossFit, and even trail running. Future iterations will allow workout scheduling and reminders, and location-aware alerts which notify you about gyms, parks, or other fitness opportunities in your close proximity according to your specifications.

Additionally, Ackerson is working on integrating the entire Glass sensor suite, which could potentially lead to feedback on form, time, and enhanced data recording allowing you to review your workouts, with suggestions for improvements in technique. FitBit integration is also in progress, which will provide an additional sensor for Cardio information.

The GlassFit Alpha is available at, which also features a prominent feedback function. Ackerson hopes that by bringing in other fitness buffs early in the process, he can get the kind of feedback needed to evolve the app into a polished personal coach suitable for folks who need a little help getting off the couch.

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