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Two weeks with Glass: The media was wrong. Everyone loves Glass.

Everyone loves Google Glass. Over the past two weeks that’s been proven apparent to me over and over again. The negative media hype surrounding Google Glass from months ago hasn’t reared it’s ugly head once. Everyday people, no tech people, are excited about Glass, extremely curious, and can’t wait to buy a pair for themselves.

Over the past two and a half weeks, I’ve come to realize that one of my favorite features of Glass is sharing Glass. No, I don’t mean sharing photos or videos from Glass to a web service such as Google+, Facebook, etc, I mean letting someone else partake in the true awesomeness that is this new technology. I’ve been kindly mobbed by 30 college age students at a time, random people on the streets, restaurant goers, you name it.


My local newspaper continued to prove that people are curious about Glass. They featured me on a front page article talking about Glass, the recent #IfIHadGlass contest, and most importantly what Glass can do.

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I’ve used Glass at my nieces birthday party, which happened to be at a bowling alley. While I’m not a bowler, I could see Glassware for tracking your score as well as using your first person video experiences to improve your game.

At work, nearly everyone in my office has tried on my Glass. Dozens and dozens of people are interested an think it’s cool. The first few days I did get a few ‘ok glass turn off’ jokes or ‘Derek’s a cyborg comments’, but generally everyone wants to try them on and see for themselves. I wear Glass to meetings; large, small, and one on one. No push-backs thus far.


I’ve worn Glass golfing, which turned out to be extremely fun and the benefits could be amazing. Keeping your score on Glass, getting course updates, reminders, yardages and more. Hell, I was even able to see that I’m swaying a little bit during my swing, something I need to work on thanks to the video that I captured.

I’ve worn Glass out to restaurants with friends and then later out to the bar for a few beers. I was amazed at the amount of people that came up to me asking me about Glass. Remember, before Glass launched, we heard stories about a certain bar banning Glass from the premises and threats about punching people in the face. I can safely report that none of that nonsense happened. In fact, total strangers recognized Glass, went on and on how cool it was, and even thought I was ‘someone of great importance’ to have Glass. I laughed at that one.


Okay, I lied. Not everyone was excited about Glass. A women I’ve known for probably half of my life wouldn’t talk to me while I had Glass on. She kept jumping out of my field of vision. She thought I was always recording her. After some laughing and a little bit of explaining, she calmed down.


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