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Twitter on Google Glass

Being hands-free with Google Glass is even cooler now that Twitter is on board, too. Twitter to Google Glass will make it easier for you to share pictures and connect with people.   When you share a pic, Twitter will automatically add “Just shared a photo #throughglass” in the tweet.   That’s at least 33 characters, FYI.

Turn on Glass for Twitter


PHOTO: Twitter blog

The Twitter blog also says you can contact people through direct messages and tweets once you’ve turned on the notifications.  You can also do the standard tweeting and retweeting.

Twitter invented the concept of microblogging, which seems to be a perfect fit for quick verbal dictation through Glass. With integrated photo sharing and voice based tweeting, the #ifihadglass winners chosen on Twitter are likely to be making quite a bit of noise in the very near future.

Were you a Twitter based winner of #ifihadglass? Leave your Twitter handle in the comments below, and we’ll follow you!

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