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Gaming on Glass, a new canvas for developers

My two favorite technology products of 2013 were both from Google: Glass and Chromecast. A Glass Development team, Byte an Atom, has brought the two together in what I believe is the next advancement in Glassware. Their Glass app, LynxFit, is an amazing Glassware that helps motivate users to work out by providing notifications and reminders, as well as training programs, directly on Glass. Their newest feature allows Glass Explorers to cast their workouts to their television using Chromecast.

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doctor with glass

Startups and doctors see the potential for Glass use in surgery

While Project Glass focuses on pushing out updates to refine Glass for the consumer release later this year, doctors and startups are pushing the envelope on seeing the potential for Glass use in surgery. In Maine Dr. Grossman used Glass during a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy procedure (you can go ahead and Google that I will wait). […]

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