Google Glass Eye Gestures Shows Up Again In Kernel Source and GlassGestures APK Teardown

Earlier this week week, we reported that eye gesture control was discovered in the MyGlass Android application, hinting at eye winking calibration and winking to take a picture would be enabled at some point. Two new hints that Google Glass will eventually support eye gestures and winking have show up thanks to Google publishing the kernel source code and Glass Explorers finding out that Glass shipped unlocked, for developers to easily tinker with.

If you download the Glass kernel source code and take a look at glasshub.c you’ll see references to wink.



While the above code could relate to anything but an actual human eye wink, let’s move onto something we can confirm thanks to an APK teardown.  The following  code snippets, images, and video were taken directly from GlassGestures.apk located in the Google Glass /system/app/ directory. The GlassGestures.apk includes various files for Wink Gestures and Animations.


From what we can tell from the above, Glass users will calibrate Wink Gestures from a configuration card. The card will include a winking animation (example below) as well as a video demonstration (seen below).



During calibration, users will “Look straight ahead – not at Glass – and wink”. You’ll do this twice to configure your Glass winking ability.


After successful completion, you’ll see a message stating “Now you can wink anytime to take a photo”. If your calibration fails, you’ll be prompted with a failure message or asking if you need additional help.


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Google Glass Eye Gestures Control Found in Code

Someday you might be able to take a picture with Glass just by winking. Eye Gesture event code has been found in the MyGlass Android companion app that suggests this feature might be coming later down the road.


The code suggests you’ll be able to enable and disable this option, similar to Head Gestures, used to wake Glass from sleep. The code includes events for Wink Calibration success and failure and finally the action for winking to take a photo with Glass.

Glass Eye Gestures

Privacy concerns are running rampant as Glass moves closer and closer to public release. For those in favor of Glass, we’ve argued that you have to still physically press a button or mention out loud that you wish to take a picture with Glass. With the possibility of taking pictures with Glass with Eye Gestures, we’ll have to find a new counterpoint. In the end, you should still ask permission before taking a photo of anyone with Glass.

It’s also worth mentioning that the above included code snippet mentions a ‘Browser’. At this time, the Glass Explorer Edition does not include a web browser.

What other possibilities do you see for Eye Gestures with Glass in the future? Let us know.

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