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Miss Foundry? Get your group Glass dev on with GlassDevCamp

We’ve seen a burst of initial app development as IO12 Explorers get their Glass units and put them into action. Earlier in the year, a select group of developers attended the Glass Foundry, an exclusive event thrown by Google to get developers in the same room working together. Devs who missed that chance to collaborate have another opportunity with the upcoming GlassDevCamp, a not-for-profit developer event coming to the San Francisco Bay Area and satellite cities in summer 2013.

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Voiding your warranty: Hacking Google Glass at IO13

There’s been a ton of back and forth about hacking Google Glass, since Hexxeh discovered that standard Fastboot commands work with Glass, and Saurik made waves by using the word “Jailbreak” while running an Android 4.0 exploit on his unit. The response from Google to all of this was a resounding “meh”, and the reiteration that making it hackable was kind of the point.

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