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Glass Shipping to Explorers within the Month and Glass Collective Funding Venture Announced

Last year folks at Google I/O got the chance to sign up for the developer version of Project Glass and since then they have been anxiously awaiting a ship date. Today according to TechCrunch and others that day may soon be here. Google hasn’t given an exact ship date but said they it is within the month which lines up with Google I/O 2013. Most folks expect Glass to be more of a player this year at I/O than just a flashy skydive stunt so having the units available for developers makes sense. For the 8,000 explorers who were selected as part of #ifihadglass no dates have been hinted at for the LA, San Fran or NYC pickups.

Also announced today by Google was a new funding venture that will help developers called Glass Collective. This will be a  partnership of Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to help fund developers  work on exciting products for Project Glass. So if you got a good idea for Glass and not the  start up capital to get it done the Collective wants to hear from you.

Source: TechCrunchGoogle Blog

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One thought on “Glass Shipping to Explorers within the Month and Glass Collective Funding Venture Announced

  1. I imagine people submitting videos (these things have ways to record video or similar to the cloud dont they?) of themselves walking everywhere and being the two legged version of the cars that video map google maps street view.

    kinda seti@home meets google maps street view with everyone constantly adding to the “sidewalk level view”

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