Scoble’s Google Glass Review – in short he will never live another day without a wearable computer on his head

Robert Scoble has been using Glass for almost two weeks and been traveling the past few days getting the “Beatles Mania” reception for the most part wherever he goes with them on. This morning he posted his Google Glass review of how life has been with Glass and to say he is over the moon would be an understatement.

“I will never live a day of my life from now on without it (or a competitor). It’s that significant.”

Interesting in his review is how well they were received from the public compared to all news media screaming about privacy concerns and that folks would freak out seeing someone with Glass. So while some in the media and legislatures have been trying to gather the pitchforks and make Glass as a huge privacy issue the public seems to be more open to being around the new tech.

“Most of the privacy concerns I had before coming to Germany just didn’t show up. I was shocked by how few negative reactions I got (only one, where an audience member said he wouldn’t talk to me with them on). Funny, someone asked me to try them in a bathroom (I had them aimed up at that time and refused).”

Scoble also talked about what price point would be crucial for mass adoption and making it a huge success. Can Google get it to Scoble’s $200 price point remains to be seen, but given the specs and another year to refine it, I would say it is possible.  He does mention he carries around a spare battery with him, but for the most part, it lasts the whole day unless he is recording a ton of video. He also talks about how much easier it is to use than pulling out the phone, unlocking, opening the app and executing what you need to do.

“I can capture moments. I counted how many seconds it takes to get my smartphone out of my pocket, open it up, find the camera app, wait for it to load, and then take a photo. Six to 12 seconds. With Google Glass? Less than one second.”

This goes to Sergey Brin’s point to keep folks engaged in life instead of heads down in the smartphone. Glass combined with the power of Google Now gives you what you need as you need it and allows heads-up data in your FOV when you ask without the need to dig into your pocket.

His enthusiasm for Glass in the review has definitely made it harder to wait for my #ifihadglass pickup.