Making Fake Poop, Through Glass

This is probably not what Google was expecting as one of the early use cases for Glass, but this actually isn’t as gross as you might think. The tutorial is from Serena Trieu on Google Plus and she goes through the ingredients and process for making fake poop in the lab. No matter what your interest in fake poop, this has to be the first time the production has been recorded through Glass. Enjoy.

I wonder if this would violate  @Bohan_Identity‘s Twitter submission:

#ifihadglass I would promise not to record/take pictures of my poop, no matter what.

— Christa Bohan (@Bohan_Identity) February 22, 2013

Unfortunately, she doesn’t explain why she is making the fake poop, but since the credits say NASA AMES it could be for testing out hardware for the Space Station or maybe other long-term exploration needs. Poop in space is a big concern and a complicated process on how to go to the bathroom involving suction, attachments and good alignment via cameras, so having a good stimulant in terms of consistency and texture to use in hardware on the ground would be key.

For the space station, they process their urine back into the water, but compact and dump the poop into a Progress spacecraft for burn up in the atmosphere. Long duration missions would need to figure out some other way to deal with the poop. Inspiration Mars is thinking of using it as radiation shielding.