Ingress gets an unofficial Google Glass app [Updated]

At a recent Google Developer Group “Glass Hackathon” in Prague, about 20 developers got together to do what they do best, develop Glassware. Alex Studnicka, the developer behind the unofficial iOS port of Ingress, just happened to be among the attendees present at the Czech Republic GDC event. The result, a working Ingress app for Glass.

Ingress for Glass allows you to see nearby portals, shown above, as well as seeing their accompanying picture, shown below. That’s not all. After you’ve used Ingress for Glass to navigate to your nearby portal, you can hack them, directly from Glass.

Since the launch of Glass, Ingress fans around the world have been waiting to bring their favorite augmented reality game to Glass. Thanks to Alex and other talented developers, this is now a reality. Alex has posted the source code for your viewing pleasure on GitHub. For you Glass Explorers out there, you can get your Ingress on by installing the Glass app.

UPDATE: It seems in the current state, the app is more of a semi-functioning prototype as many users are reporting issues. We’ll continue to watch this closely. If Alex can port Ingress to iOS, we’re excited to see how Ingress for Glass pans out.