Google Opens Up Mirror API for Glass

Google has opened up their Mirror API for Glass, giving developers a Quick Start project to get their feet wet with Glass development. They’ve also provided an online sandbox which allows devs to play with simulated Glass output without wearing the device.

Google has provided some top level directives for Developers:

  1. Design for Glass
  2. Don’t get in the way
  3. Keep it timely
  4. Avoid the unexpected

These directives reflect (no pun intended) Google’s oft repeated refrain that Glass must be  helpful, relevant, and above all, unintrusive. Of much interest to app designers, they’ve also provided a series of design templates which give a clear view for the first time of what the actual display areas are.



Content for Glass apps should be formatted as follows:

  • Send full screen images and video at a 16×9 aspect ratio.
  • Target a 640×360 pixel resolution.
  • Always specify both the height and width of an image. This prevents positioning reflows around an image as cards render. It also allows Glass to display a well-formatted error message if the image is not available.
  • Keep the duration of video clips between 10 and 20 seconds. Glass is a device designed for quick data consumption, so long videos are usually not appropriate for users to consume.

Google has preset up a full community presence using StackOverflow, GitHub, and an integrated issues tracker.

Now that we have the dev environment, expect to see a flood of information about new app ideas in progress. Stay tuned to for updates on the best of new apps as they come out.

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