Google Glass XE6 Update Rolling Out, Brings Major Photo Improvements and more

Congrats Glass Explorers, your latest monthly update is beginning to roll out. The current OTA update is version XE6, to replace last month’s update XE5. The latest update heavily focuses on drastically improving photo quality. Glass needs to be plugged in to begin the update process, so plug your Glass into your computer or your charger to get started.

Unofficial Changelog for XE6

  • Better photos through Glass
  • Voice annotate captions to photos and videos when sharing
  • Low light detection and HDR with adequate brightness
  • Off Head notification sound changed
  • Improvements to off head detection
  • Shut down notification sound changed
  • Improved Google Now cards for Sports
  • New card for Birthdays
  • Several fixes to resolve existing issues

So, how about those photos improvement? The new camera software for Glass takes multiple photos in rapid sequence every time you use the camera. The images are then combined, bringing you the best quality picture possible. This allows for you to take HDR photos when there is ample light and take much better photos when there isn’t much light available. Don’t take my word for it. Check out a few examples below.

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