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Golfing With Google Glass

Next month will be 4 years since the great golf teacher in my family had passed away. I’m talking about my pap. My grandfather. He taught me to play golf when I was 12 years old. I’d like to imagine that he would have loved to use Glass for golfing as he was always trying out new clubs and gadgets. I am a little saddened that I won’t get to introduce him to this amazing technology. However, I’ll use his teachings and lessons to bring something I love, technology, together with something our family loves, golf.

Golfing with Google Glass is absolutely FUN. I play in a weekly golf league at Standing Stone Golf Course, it’s a family team that I’ve played on since I was a teenager. With Glass, I can capture scenic photos with ease, get a first person view of my alignment, making sure I’m keeping my head down, and that’s all before apps like iCaddy even launch.

Golf Course Sunset

If you’ve ever been on a golf course, you know that sometimes there are truly gorgeous photo opportunities. Not that you can’t take a photo with your smartphone, it’s just easier and quicker with Glass. No one wants you to hold up play, stopping for a few seconds, pull out your phone that’s probably in your bag, snap a photo, then put it away. Sure, it only takes a few seconds, but you don’t want to risk making noise while others might be hitting. Why not use Glass? It’s quick, convenient, and quiet.

Besides photo opportunities, Glass could give you an insight into getting a better golf game. That’s right golfers, the age old saying of keeping your head down just got an upgrade. With golf, it’s generally understood that you want to keep your head down as long as possible, attempting to see the club and ball make impact. The fact of the matter is, it’s nearly impossible to actually see that happen. However, it’s still best practice to keep your head down as long as possible, helping you stand behind the ball. Having a camera mounted on your head is a sure way to see if you’re staying behind the ball or keeping your head down. You just take a video and watch and see. Being able to review your stance and swing from this angle could help your stance or your alignment as well.

My #IfIHadGlass winning entry was golf related. I had hopped for one to day be able to have golf related Glassware to aid golfers out on the course. I envision hole information, yardages, and more. Right now iCaddy seems to be on the job and I’m anxiously awaiting the release of their Glassware. iCaddy, if you’re reading this, I’m down for beta testing. Let me know!

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