Ethan Bresnick takes us inside Augmedix for a look at Glass and the future of telemedicine

Ethan Bresnick spent some time with the Augmedix crew and got to bring his camera along, giving us an extensive hands-on view of Glass. Co-founded by Stanford grads Ian Shakil and Pelu Tran, Augmedix has already raised $55,000 to bring their vision of Glass powered medicine to life.

Shakil’s Upstart Project makes their intentions clear:

I intend to launch a Google Glass healthcare application that will revolutionize the world of medicine as we know it.

A handful of his 32 backers hold senior positions at Google, and about 10 have become mentors. “These relationships are far more valuable than the money,” he said.

Upstart, the venture organization backing Augmedix, secured $5.9 million in investment from a roster of high-profile investors, including IronPort co-founder Scott Bannister, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt. So far, Augmedix seems to be the only Glass related project they have backed.