A day with Google Glass in Toronto. Photo credit: Shlomi Amiga

Developers Tom Emrich and Macy Kuang strive to make Toronto a Glass Explorers Paradise

Canadian Glass explorer Tom Emrich has developed several apps to help folks explore Toronto through Glass.  Using Yelp as the foundation, Tom has developed Glass Eats to help you find something yummy in Toronto and get directions or the phone number to make reservations. Whether it is Burgers or an Espresso, Glass Eats will find the nearby results based on Yelp ratings.

Since Glass Eats uses the Yelp API, it is not be limited to just Toronto, but all of North America. I installed it here in Texas and it quickly provided results for local eateries nearby.

Restaurant nearby here in Texas

Restaurant nearby here in Texas

For those in Toronto using public transportation there is also a transit Glassware to find your way around the city.  Whether it is finding the nearest bus or streetcar the Stay Glassy Glassware will use the Toronto real time transit data to get you where you need to go.

Toronto Transit info from Stay Glassy

Toronto Transit info from Stay Glassy

Tom is not alone in developing Glassware for the Toronto community as  Macy Kuang has developed Bike Share which looks to help explorers find BIXI stations.  BIXI Toronto has 1,000 bikes scattered via 80 stations around the city and Kuang’s Glassware should help you find the closest dock to pick up or drop off.

Glass has always positioned itself as a device that helps keep the user’s head up exploring the city and Glassware like what Tom and Macy have developed look to provide resources for travelers and everyday dwellers. No matter where you are, food and transport are basic needs to survive not just the concrete jungle of Toronto but elsewhere as well.

Featured Image – A day with Google Glass in Toronto. Photo credit: Shlomi Amiga

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