CNN gets into Google Glass

In the news business, you often win just for being first, and CNN seems to be first on the efforts to bring the Google Glass audience to its product. You can now get news alerts on Glass, just by authorizing CNN to send the info to your device.  Once that’s done, you can manage your settings.

Sign up for CNN News Alerts on Google Glass

If you’re a media junkie, this is significant for a few reasons:

The cable news network is trying to reach a new audience.
CNN still struggles to steal ratings from the more politically-charged Fox News and MSNBC.

It shows an overall commitment to new technology.
It’s no secret fewer Americans are watching news on traditional TV sets.  Still, generally speaking, news networks and stations have resisted in fully investing in new technologies.

Perhaps CNN’s move to Glass will start a domino effect.  No one likes to see the other guy get ahead.  Other networks are surely working on their Google Glass alert system.

It hints that CNN has faith that Glass and the POV movement is more than just a fad.
Corporations aren’t known for being agile in technology development, with software planning alone often taking months. A quick jump into the market probably meant a mountain of paperwork and countless meetings, which represents an investment in time and resources on their part.

What do you think? Will those of you who are Glass Explorers be signing up for CNN alerts?

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