Google Glass XE9 no longer needs Bluetooth tethering

Thanks to the latest XE9 over-the-air update, Glass Explorers will no longer need to enable tethering on their smartphones while away from WiFi. As soon as the the XE9 OTA update rolled out, we immediately noticed that the icon for the MyGlass app in the system tray had changed. The icon now sported two small arrows indicating data was being transferred. Little did we know that this meant that the MyGlass app was the one transferring data over Bluetooth and that Glass was no longer using Bluetooth tethering for an Internet connection.

MyGlass arrows icon

You can easily test this yourself by going into your phones tethering settings. You should see something similar as to the screenshot below. Just uncheck Bluetooth tethering and you’re set. Then, while away from WiFi you’ll notice that Glass is functioning just fine and the MyGlass app notification icon will have the two little arrows beside it indicating that data is being transferred to Glass without WiFi and without Bluetooth tethering.

Bluetooth tethering

This is great news for the upcoming release of the consumer edition of Glass. Not everyone’s mobile data plans includes tethering. Some carriers charge $10 a month or more to add tethering capabilities to your current plan. Speaking of carriers, I wonder how they’re going to feel when they realize el Goog just circumvented one of their current schemes like how to treat banana spider bites to screw customers by charging them twice for the same data connection?

Driving with Google Glass

“ok glass, get directions”

When I first put on Glass, as I believe is the same for everyone, I took a picture. Taking photos is a very natural use of Google Glass; the camera is in your face, so taking a photo immediately comes to mind. For me, the second thing I asked my Glass was for directions. I was really curious about the Navigation interface, but my first impression was that the interface is negligible. The Google Maps Voice told me every turn I needed to make and the display, while rarely active, was magically there when I needed it and gone when I didn’t. My first real use of Glass, after the most basic “ok glass, take a picture,” was “ok glass, get directions Home.” And in fact the entire drive home, I was amazed at how easy it was to drive with Glass.

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about driving with Glass and whether it is or should be illegal. Take a look at these photos and let me know your opinion in the comments:

Driving Without Glass
Driving With Glass

Glass Explorer Cecilia Abadie recently fought back against a ticket that was issued to her for wearing Glass while driving and she won! She was pulled over originally for speeding, but was later assessed a ticket for “driving with a monitor visible.” Now, even though Glass could potentially display video or other content, it is not ideal due to battery life and usability and Cecilia stood by her claim that she was not actively using her Glass while she was driving. Glass can supply audio notifications (which are totally legal) without needing the screen to ever activate. And if Glass were being used for Navigation, wouldn’t that be legal?

Check out the press conference through Cecilia’s Glass:

I hope we can overcome our fear of driving with Glass and see the amazing possibilities the device can bring. Another Explorer, Det Ansin has been developing an application that connects his Glass to his car through Bluetooth. The added information he receives can surely make him a better, more responsive driver. Take a look at the his YouTube video showcasing his Glassware:

Another team of Glass Explorers, Jake Steinerman, Victor Kaiser-Pendergrast, Ryan Spletzer, and designer Jeremy Avery, have developed an app called DriveSafe for Glass. This app uses the Glass sensors to warn drivers when they fall asleep and their head dips. It then provides directions to the nearest rest stop so that the driver can rest until they’re ready to continue on their journey. Surely Glass is valuable while driving when applications like these are available.


My opinion hasn’t changed throughout my entire experience as a Glass Explorer. I feel very strongly that not only is it safe to drive with Glass, but it’s safer than driving without.

Stereo Headphones and New Lenses coming to Glass

We’ve all heard about the new Glass Accessory Store, but what about the future accessories? After I got the chance to order my Glass the other day I noticed the accessories under the page and decided to look through the code. While looking through the code I noticed a couple of un-announced accessories. Please note that these are all based of code and are not official nor are the prices final.


Headphones – The new version of glass is shipping with a mono headphone that “provides high-quality sound for phone and video calls.” But hidden in the code is also the description for a Stereo Headset. “Engineered specifically for Glass, the Stereo Earbuds provide high-quality sound for music, phone and video calls.” This also tells us that music is coming to glass soon and maybe even video streaming imagine watching your favorite Netflix shows or your iptv provider for a new and immersive experience. The Stereo Headphones are priced at $100 right now as opposed to the Mono Headphone which is priced at $50.00.



Lenses – Included with every purchase of Glass is the ‘Active Shade’ but if you break that you are out of luck, for now, the Active Shade is not listed but is in the system and priced at $150.00. While the optional Clear Shield is available in the Accessory Store for $75.00.

Something I noticed when going through code was a couple of product numbers, these have no name, no pictures or anything except for the price of $150.00 and description. One of the descriptions is “For a bolder look.” and the other is “For timeless style.” While we have no clue when these will launch it seems as if Glass will be getting its share of Lens accessories in due time.

Ok Glass, submit new Glassware

Today’s post by Tim Jordan moves us one step closer to the rumored Glassware Boutique in XE10 which should be coming at some point this month. Tim announced several new Glassware (SportsYapper, Fancy, Mashable, KitchMe and Thuuz) have passed through the new development system and should be available in the MyGlass App. These new apps cover a broad range of interests from sports to news to shopping to cooking.

Ok Glass let's cook

Ok Glass let’s cook

The upside of going through the new submittal process is that by completing the Glassware review process, you will make your Glassware eligible to show on the MyGlass app. You’ll also be eligible to receive quota beyond the testing limit, which for a developer  like Thuuz which deals with sports data is probably a welcome relief.

Keep up with all things sports via Thuuz

Keep up with all things sports via Thuuz

The developer site is setup to help folks with a Launch Checklist and getting you through the submission process. It covers branding, context, icon requirements, screenshot needs and design concepts including menus, settings, and sharing.

Screenshot requirements for submission

Screenshot requirements for submission

The site also lays out some rules on using personal data, keeping information up to date, security and privacy regulations. Content policies are also clearly defined, with the usual prohibitions of adult/illegal/gambling content.

What not to do with Glass

What not to do with Glass

With the Boutique rumored to be launching with XE10, one has to wonder how quickly the submission to approval process will take. With an expected early 2014 consumer release, many developers seem to foresee a potential new app store gold rush. If consumers can walk into a robust app market with Glass from day 1 (along with some efficiency and battery life enhancements), their experience will be very different from the initial limited experiences of Glass Explorers, and may be just the market motivator Glass needs to break into the mainstream.

Glass XE9 Teardown shows new API coming for Glass, heavy optimization.

Google finally released the XE9 factory images, and resident teardown guru Fodawim has once again made quick work of dissecting the changes. While much of the changes were heavily geared towards maintenance (with the total image being reduced by over 20Mb), there were several other notable changes, including no longer needing the wifi hotspot, and the presence of a new photo and video API.

New functions present in this image include Posting (with multiple destinations, “post an update to”), listening tasks for the media player, and enhanced note taking ability.


GlassSearch.apk has been added to the package, GlassPeople.apk removed, and a “barhopper” library has been added for barcode reading.  Additionally, new functions referencing “boutique” have appeared, likely related to native glassware in the consumer edition:

“” and

Finally, three new API functions showed up which should make developers happy:


These seem to indicate coming enhancements in hardware access by the Mirror API, which should open up new development opportunities for apps on Glass.

Spotted anything else in your own XE9 teardowns? Let us know in the comments.

Google Glass XE9 Brings Vignettes, Sound Search, and more

In a post on Google+ the Glass team announced XE9 for Google Glass. This month’s update brings sweet new features such as “vignettes”, music search, YouTube videos in search results  and long awaited Google Apps support (still in beta and limited). The updated My Glass app can now control the device as well.  See their post below for the full details and put your Glass on the charger to get all the new hotness.

For a full list of changes, check out the official XE9 Changelog.


A Love Affair Through Glass – The Love Triangle Rocking The Upper Echelon Of Glass Development

Tawdry news reports are rocking the tech blogs today regarding Google Glass Product Manager Amanda Rosenberg and Google Principal Sergey Brin’s after hours activities. While relationships spawning in dev life cycles are old news for anyone who’s spent any time in technology, Brin’s high profile marriage (and now separation) promise to distract the conversation from wearable technology, and into the sexual foibles of the power players in Silicon Valley.



Rosenberg was most recently connected to Hugo Barra, the Vice President of Android who perhaps not coincidentally recently left Google for Chinese phone startup Xiaomi (seen together above in a photo from last year). 23andMe co-founder Anne Wojcicki can’t be thrilled, as the tech news cycle will now be focused on her and Brin’s breakup as opposed to to the work she’s trying to accomplish, but with stories coming out that the two have been living apart for months, it’s unlikely that tech blogs will be interested in anything else.


Rosenberg and Brin have been seen often together in high profile public scenarios, so it’s safe to assume that the recent San Fran transplant isn’t scared of a little limelight surrounding their relationship, although it will be interesting to see to what level Brin will acknowledge the relationship, given the high profile love fests we’ve seen from other Google associated power players.

Brin has always been one to challenge convention, stating earlier this year:

I like going to Burning Man, for example. An environment where people can try new things. I think as technologists we should have some safe places where we can try out new things and figure out the effect on society.

We’ll find out in the coming weeks if Mountain View is a safe place when it comes to something as cliche as banging the hot new hire in your product management division. As a Glass Explorer, I can only hope we don’t see a messy exit to the person who created “OK, Glass”, while the tabloids have their way with the two. No matter the outcome, the focus this week in Silicon Valley will be undeniably focused on Brin and Rosenberg, and how gracefully they navigate the muddy waters of a tech press focused on their infidelities.


Source : Valley Wag

Are you a Glass Explorer with a jealous friend? Maybe you can make them happy with an invite.

The next phase of Google Glass’ plans for expansion prior to 2014’s consumer release came via email today. Ryan Mott got a gmail letting him know he could invite a friend to the Glass Explorer program. There are several caveats to that invite, the person must pick up in NYC, LA or SF be a US resident over 18 and have the requisite $1500 +tax to get their own Google Glass.

Hey everyone, just to clarify – this is an experiment we’re trying. It’s independent of #ifihadglass (although some #ifihadglass Explorers may receive this email). – Sarah Price

Who will you invite to the program if you get an invite? There have been ebay postings about selling #ifihadglass units in the past though Google was usually quick to put a stop to them, will they also try to squash folks trying to recoup their Glass expenses by auctioning off their invite slot?

Invite your friend to the Glass Explorer Program

Invite your friend to the Glass Explorer Program

Ingress gets an unofficial Google Glass app [Updated]

At a recent Google Developer Group “Glass Hackathon” in Prague, about 20 developers got together to do what they do best, develop Glassware. Alex Studnicka, the developer behind the unofficial iOS port of Ingress, just happened to be among the attendees present at the Czech Republic GDC event. The result, a working Ingress app for Glass.

Ingress for Glass allows you to see nearby portals, shown above, as well as seeing their accompanying picture, shown below. That’s not all. After you’ve used Ingress for Glass to navigate to your nearby portal, you can hack them, directly from Glass.


Since the launch of Glass, Ingress fans around the world have been waiting to bring their favorite augmented reality game to Glass. Thanks to Alex and other talented developers, this is now a reality. Alex has posted the source code for your viewing pleasure on GitHub. For you Glass Explorers out there, you can get your Ingress on by installing the Glass app.

UPDATE: It seems in the current state, the app is more of a semi-functioning prototype as many users are reporting issues. We’ll continue to watch this closely. If Alex can port Ingress to iOS, we’re excited to see how Ingress for Glass pans out.


Source : GDG Prauge

Google Glass XE6 Update Rolling Out, Brings Major Photo Improvements and more

Congrats Glass Explorers, your latest monthly update is beginning to roll out. The current OTA update is version XE6, to replace last month’s update XE5. The latest update heavily focuses on drastically improving photo quality. Glass needs to be plugged in to begin the update process, so plug your Glass into your computer or your charger to get started.

Unofficial Changelog for XE6

  • Better photos through Glass
  • Voice annotate captions to photos and videos when sharing
  • Low light detection and HDR with adequate brightness
  • Off Head notification sound changed
  • Improvements to off head detection
  • Shut down notification sound changed
  • Improved Google Now cards for Sports
  • New card for Birthdays
  • Several fixes to resolve existing issues

So, how about those photos improvement? The new camera software for Glass takes multiple photos in rapid sequence every time you use the camera. The images are then combined, bringing you the best quality picture possible. This allows for you to take HDR photos when there is ample light and take much better photos when there isn’t much light available. Don’t take my word for it. Check out a few examples below.