The Web Guy samples L.A., Part 1: My Glass Pickup Experience

When I first was picked for the #ifihadglass contest, my instinct seemed to be the same as most people I’ve seen: head to NYC for pickup. However, my partner on the mission (Mike Novilla of NOVA 535) had other ideas: we were California bound. Having never been farther west than New Mexico, I knew we were in for an adventure. Given the short window to confirm our pickup, we scrambled to make arrangements, and when the day finally arrived, we jumped on the plane and chased the setting sun.

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Ron White and Margo Rey through Glass: On Life, Love, and surviving Breast Cancer

Glass is all about sharing personal experiences, which is why I’m sitting on a beautiful porch at the top of a mountain in Montecito, watching Ron White and Margo Rey try Glass out for the first time. Margo, an admitted technophile, tries them first, and lights up as the screen comes on. “Oh, cool!” She instantly begins navigating through the Timeline, intuitively swiping back and forth, and testing out the voice commands. After a minute or two, she hands them to Ron to try. The light comes on, and he cracks that million dollar smile. “Oh man, that’s cool.” I’m in heaven; I’ve just shown two of my favorite performing artists Glass, and they flat out love it.

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