A day with Google Glass in Toronto. Photo credit: Shlomi Amiga

Developers Tom Emrich and Macy Kuang strive to make Toronto a Glass Explorers Paradise

Canadian Glass explorer Tom Emrich has developed several apps to help folks explore Toronto through Glass.  Using Yelp as the foundation, Tom has developed Glass Eats to help you find something yummy in Toronto and get directions or the phone number to make reservations. Whether it is Burgers or an Espresso, Glass Eats will find […]

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The Google Glass Privacy Paradox

The most ironic thing about the ranting paranoia of those who perceive Google Glass as some sort of surreptitious surveillance device is the fact that the Glass Explorer experience is almost diametrically opposed to that. Glass Explorers quickly find that no matter where they go, they’re often unexpectedly thrust into a spotlight, as the excitement surrounding the device leads to the kinds of interactions that were previously solely in the realm of celebrity. A simple trip to the grocery store can quickly become an impromptu demo for several strangers perfectly fine with invading your privacy in order to experience the device (and often leading to an unexpectedly early low battery ding). When it comes to privacy, the people who have been most impacted are the Glass Explorers themselves.

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