Can I Haz Google+ Commenting on LTG Articles? I CAN!

Thanks to a couple of blog posts this morning, along with a code sample from Sushubh Mittal, we’re now testing out Google+ powered commenting for articles here. There’s still a  little tweaking that needs to be done to get it to display correctly on all screen sizes, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, let us know how you like it compared to the traditional WordPress commenting we had in place before.

Google+ powered commenting adds quite a few benefits from our perspective, since it helps tie together multiple public conversations about each piece here, and allows for community voting on the quality of comments via the Plus system.

If you’d like to add G+ commenting to your WordPress powered site, here’s the method: replace your default commenting code in your comments.php with the following:

Width is the window width, so make it the appropriate size for yours. Also, you may need to wrap the comment snippet in a div for styling depending on how your theme is set up.

We hope you find this addition as exciting as we do!

Update: We’re hearing a couple of important points from the folks at Google:

– This is an experimental third-party use of an internal API, so keep in mind that it can break at any point in time, and perhaps catastrophically.

– For the system to work properly, you need to have Google Authorship links established on the page.