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is a rocket scientist by day at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and scifi and technology geek by night. As a long time movie fan and tech geek I am always keeping an eye on the internet for the latest news on what is coming out. I look forward to seeing what Glass can do for NASA but also all the cool stuff for life with my wife and kids. The views expressed in this post are my own, and do not represent an official NASA position on the Google Glass technology.

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ready to operate

Okay Glass Let’s Operate

Chris Vukin and Team(evermed) are disrupting things in the Operating room by incorporating Google Glass into how doctor’s monitor the patient’s vitals, dictate notes and coordinate care. Team(evermed) has begun performing trail runs using Glass and their suite of Glassware in the OR as well as the general EMR workflow of the hospital staff. Chris has […]

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A day with Google Glass in Toronto. Photo credit: Shlomi Amiga

Developers Tom Emrich and Macy Kuang strive to make Toronto a Glass Explorers Paradise

Canadian Glass explorer Tom Emrich has developed several apps to help folks explore Toronto through Glass.  Using Yelp as the foundation, Tom has developed Glass Eats to help you find something yummy in Toronto and get directions or the phone number to make reservations. Whether it is Burgers or an Espresso, Glass Eats will find […]

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