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Hi there! I'm a Florida based web guy with cool friends and a questionable sense of humor. I love code, craft beers, and long walks on the beach while playing Ingress. I'm happily married to my best friend, and the proud father of two. I hope someday to download my brain into a computer.

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Glass XE9 Teardown shows new API coming for Glass, heavy optimization.

Google finally released the XE9 factory images, and resident teardown guru Fodawim has once again made quick work of dissecting the changes. While much of the changes were heavily geared towards maintenance (with the total image being reduced by over 20Mb), there were several other notable changes, including no longer needing the wifi hotspot, and the presence of a new photo and video API.

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Hello, rest of the web! Zapier brings more than 200 services to Glass

While the Mirror API makes for a solid development backbone, creating new apps and services for Google Glass has been solidly restricted to developers capable of writing and hosting services to access it. Now, thanks to Zapier, every day users can can extend Glass functionality with access to more than 200 web services, and the ability to create custom actions and bundles within the Glass timeline.

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Want to win a free Omate TrueSmart smart watch? (Of course you do.)

…and judging by their 500% funded Kickstarter project, you’re not alone. The good news is, and the Omate TrueSmart & Glass community are teaming up to bring you a chance to win your very own TrueSmart smart watch along with some TrueSmart schwag. TrueSmart and Glass fit together conceptually like Peanut Butter and Jelly, complementing each other’s functionality, and may just be the combo to get people to leave their smart phone at home. Wanna win one? Read on for details…

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A Love Affair Through Glass – The Love Triangle Rocking The Upper Echelon Of Glass Development

Tawdry news reports are rocking the tech blogs today regarding Google Glass Product Manager Amanda Rosenberg and Google Principal Sergey Brin’s after hours activities. While relationships spawning in dev life cycles is old news for anyone who’s spent any time in technology, Brin’s high profile marriage (and now separation) promise to distract the conversation from wearable technology, and into the sexual foibles of the power players in Silicon Valley.

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