Augmented Driving with Glass

For many years now, the conversation about distracted driving due to smartphone use (txting while driving) has seemed pretty cut and dry. Staring down at your phone and typing with one hand while doing 65 down the highway is clearly distracting. But what if technology could augment and enhance our driving while minimizing distraction?

That’s exactly what Det Ansinn and his team at BrickSimple set out to do with their DriversGlass app. DriversGlass uses a direct Bluetooth connection from Glass to an OBD (On-board Diagnostic) adapter connected under the car’s dashboard. A cool feature of the app is that it directly connects to the OBD device and requires no Android companion. I asked Det what his team had planned for the app:

“We want to build [DriversGlass] out into a complete driver-focused solution. We’ve got a great technical foundation upon which we can create additional screens, integrate logging, and add customization features. The Glass Explorers program has been a great headstart.  It will allow us to have an app that’s ready to go when Glass is widely available.”

OBD adapters can provide a lot of really helpful information about your car and your driving. You can see real-time statistics such as your engine RPMs, speed, engine load, throttle percentage, and miles-per-gallon… and DriversGlass informs you of all of those great numbers as easily as glancing in your rearview mirror. This is definitely a Glass app to keep your eye on.

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